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A Steve Ballmer le tiran huevos en una charla

Por medio de Panchosoft me enteró que en una charla de Steve Ballmer en Hungrí­a, un estudiante le lanzó huevos al Steve Ballmer (CEO de Microsoft) debido a supuesto fraude de Microsoft al robarle a Hungrí­a 45 millones de dólares en impuestos de licencias.

Steve Ballmer Gets the Egg-Treatment in Budapest

De verdad que me parece incorrecto esta actitud inmadura por mas que Steve Ballmer, sea como es. Sin embargo, me impresionó la manera en que reaccionó Ballmer ya que fue muy educada y a la altura.

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  1. steveballmer steveballmer

    The Hungarian Conspiracy!
    My staff PI, Jack Stone, has given me an initial report on the Hungarian egging incident. He believes there is more here than meets the eye! Reasons:
    1. The two men sitting beside the egger’s composure throughout the incident leads one to conclude that they knew what was going to happen. The smirk and smile just prior to the egger standing to interrupt. One of them has a Macbook, this is the most suspicious activity of all, a dead give-away of malevolence!
    2. The egger did not throw a third egg, he simply waved his «chicken wing» arm, yet another egg hit the wall directly above me. There was a 2nd egger at the back of the lecture hall!

    The egger is in the «custody» of the Hungarian Security Ministry, they say, «he won’t talk! He’s like a zombie or something!»
    Conclusion: he is an Apple Cultist!
    The other conspirators are as yet unidentified, although we suspect the suspect 2 is an Apple Store Genius.

    Jack is on the job! He always gets his nerd!
    You boys may as well turn yourselves in right now.

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