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jQuery Archive List Widget

Thank you for using my plugin! I started it as a personal project then released to the public, where it has been used by a lot of people. If you like it, please give 5 starts 🙂 or donate at the link below.

What it does?

  1. Display a collapsed list of your archives to reduce space.
  2. Uses jQuery to add effects and to be compatible with most browsers.
  3. Select your expand/collapse symbol and date format.
  4. Support for archive filters.
  5. Auto expands current/select year from posts.
  6. Select the categories to exclude
  7. Multiple instances support.
  8. Shortcode support [ jQuery Archive List ]
  9. Generates valid HTML5 code.
  10. Supports multiple languages.
  11. Compatible with most JS caché and minify plugins.
  12. And more to come…

My plugin doesn’t work

Please go to the FAQ section at plugin’s wordpress site and read the common problems before posting a comment at the support forum. The quickiest way is to mail me from this page’s contact section or post in the support forum and give me some days to answer.

I have an idea for the plugin or some new feature

You can contact me to suggest new features but I preffer to receive some code/patches, if they’re good I will include it on it. I’ve already added some features developed by other programmers (check source code for information).

I need to make some great modification or receive some commercial support

You can hire me if you need some extra development or to do similar stuff. Just go to for more information.

Where can i get more information?

Check the WordPress site of the plugin it contains some screenshots, frequently asked questions, support forum, check older versions, compatibility issues, etc.


If you like my work please contribute with any amount of money, I live in Venezuela and USD are hard to get, with your help I can pay this website’s hosting provider and contribute with the future of this plugin. Or it will help me to buy some pizza to code more stuff.

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